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  • Wed, 06:27: RT @CertainshadesL: As predicted, people just can't wait to tell us how Lois Lane was "pointless" in the movie. Sit down, you sexist shitb…
  • Wed, 06:27: RT @CertainshadesL: You do not get to pretend to care about women bc you liked Wonder Woman with a sword. That doesn't get you a pass.
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    Sun, 22:36: RT @ CertainshadesL: Superman Birthright is the perfect example of how you achieve the identity of Clark Kent without turning him…

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    Thu, 12:02: RT @ iamrashidajones: Not ONE conviction for police murders of innocent black people. No accountability. Police reform NOW. @ potus…

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    Thu, 11:07: I can't believe I came off a 12h nightshift & stayed awake to watch another 6 hours of pirate(?) streams from The US House on…

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