Katt (xenokattz) wrote,

Fic/Fanart: The Mutant Problem [Peter Parker+cast of dozens] Spider-Man/X-Men movies (rated: teen)

Fandom: Spider-Man/X-Men movies crossover
Characters: Peter Parker + cast of dozens
Rating: Teen(strong language)
Word count: 7900
Summary: Written for smirnoffmule in marvel_crossing.
Prompt: Jonah Jameson asks Peter to get some shots for a story on the "mutant problem."
Story Summary: A week after Black Tuesday's telepathic attack on the world, Peter Parker took some pictures for a story on "the mutant problem." Ten years later, he's still taking pictures. The only difference is his definition of "the problem."

The Mutant Problem
a photographic editorial by Peter Parker

ETA: Hello everyone! Thanks so much for reading and reccing this project. By some freak of nature it landed on Tor's "Of Interest" panel so, in the hopes of keeping NYT's very rich lawyers from coming down on my flat little heinie, I'll be adjusting some of the non-X-Men pictures. So if things look different or suddenly disappear in mid-read, that's just me doing some updating. Thanks again!

ETA, Jr.: Adjustments made, not that it's really noticeable unless you look for it. Paranoia assuaged.

ETA-3: Edits United: In response to the overwhelming number of visitors (HI EVERYONE! ZOMG! HI! HI!), I've edit a few embarrassing typos & inconsistencies. Peter Parker is now BSc Biochemistry, PhD Genetics. The Mutant Registration Bill received a second reading. Hank McCoy verbally spars with Stephen Hawkings. torsten_adair pointed out that NYTimes, grand old dame that she is, would never print obsceneties (see: Skids & Rictor). After looking through the NYTimes Manual of Style, I think I'm going to leave them on for this particular Op-Ed; Peter had a REALLY good argument for keeping the swearwords in. ;) The meta tags & URLs are also updated to reflect the content, not the source of the webpage layout (ie. most of the links go to the cast & credit page, not the NYTimes). If anyone sees any other inconsistencies, please let me know. Thank you all SO much again for reviewing and reccing.

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Tags: character: peter parker, fanart: photomanips, fanfic: ficathons, length: 02k-9.999k, movie: spiderman, movie: x-men

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