Katt (xenokattz) wrote,

Christmas Double-Drabble Gift-Thing 2008

Christmas is once again upon us and once again, I am broke. And so, in the tradition of the Little Drummer Boy, I offer home-made gifts to the flist.

If there are more than 12 requests, I'll write each person a Christmas-themed double-drabble.
If there are fewer than 12 requests, I can give you around 500 words of Christmasy goodness OR a double-drabble and an accompanying drawing.

All those who would like to received a gift-thing must comment with
1) a character(s) or pairing;
2) a prompt (a word, sentence, theme, quote, situation, genre, etc.); and
3) a Christmas/Winter-Holiday-Of-Your-Choice song with a link I can download, a YouTube video I can watch, etc.

Ficcable fandoms
Chronicles of Narnia
DC - Batclan (movies, comics, Batman Beyond)
DC - Arrows (comics, Smallville)
DC - Justice League (uh, sort of)
DC - Superclan (movies, comics, Smallville)
DC - Titans (that's the original Teen Titans who became the Outsiders as well as the New Titans who became Young Justice)
Disney feature films
Fairy Tales
Gargoyles (this cartoon will never die dammit!)
Harry Potter
Highlander (movies & TV)
Lord of the Rings (with great apologies)
Marvel - Ironman
Marvel - Runaways
Marvel - X-Men (movies, comics & Evo)
Misc comics - Fables
Misc comics - Elsewords/What if (tell me what you want to what-if
Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Wars (movieverse)

If there are any fandom not listed that you think I know, just comment. I may be able to do something with it.
Tags: fanthings: christmas, length: 02k-9.999k, memes
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