Katt (xenokattz) wrote,

Fic: Because Thorns Have Roses [1/1] Rogue, movieverse-X3 [rated teen]

sionnain, I humbly offer this fic as a response to your Hey, Remember How Cool We Were Before The X3 Writers Finished With Us? Challenge


Because Thorns Have Roses
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Author Notes
Author: Katt
Fandom: X3 movieverse
Characters: Rogue
Rating: Teen
Summary: While riding the bus to one of the Worthington Cure Clinics, Rogue briefly absorbs a mutant thief intent on stealing some of the cure to sell as black market weapons. Her decision to do stop him leads Rogue to a war on Alcatraz Island and a discovery of her own worth.

Notes & Disclaimers
- If you recognize them, they don't belong to me.
- Thanks to lilacsigil who, like a superhero, flew in to beta-edit upon hearing my cry for help.

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Tags: character: rogue, length: 10k-39.999k, movie: x-men

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