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Fic: Elemental Part 2 [10-11 of 17] Ensemble, post-X2 (rated mature)

Worked five nights in a row this week plus I have a quiz & and mid-term coming up. I'm being bad and grabbing a couple hours to post the next two chapters, knowing that the next two might also be late. I still have no idea how I'm going to re-structure Part IV but I'm going to have fateschewtoy and mortongirl grill me like mad after the midterm to force me to get it together. The problem is one pivotal character-forming scene that I MUST have in there somehow or else I'll be mopey and grouchy and altogether a stereotypical artiste. Oh, and also, the story won't make sense, etc.

Anyhowever, that's enough whining from me. There are the next two chapters!

Past Interlude #9: San Antonio, TX -1988
Chapter 15: Fire

Summary: Someone is after the Summers brothers. The bad news is they've already succeeded in taking Adam. The worse news is that Scott, Remy, and Alex have to work together to save him. And you thought the Brady Bunch was dysfunctional.

Disclaimer: All the characters you can recognize belong to Marvel Entertainment. The movieverse verisions also belong to Fox, Brian Singer, David Hayter, and Zak Penn. The pictures aren't mine either; they're gacked from The James Marsden Web, Josh Holloway Fan, Paul Walker World, and Desiring Hayden.Net. Yes, I believe in X-Men: The End. No, you can't make me think otherwise.

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Tags: character: adam x, character: alex summers, character: remy lebeau, character: scott summers, fanfic: elemental, length: 80k and up, movie: x-men, series: elemental

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